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Two men were sitting in a neighborhood bar, side by side, nursing beers.  They hadn’t known each other long, maybe an hour or two at most, but they had already become fast friends.  The kind of friends formed instantly over beer suds and sob stories. “So me and the old lady, we were looking for … Continue reading


Nikki rolled over at 6 o’clock and pushed her sweat-matted hair out of her eyes. She had one of those disorienting moments, unsure whether it was dawn or dusk. She glanced blearily at the window for a clue, but the soft yellow glow coming through the shades was no help. Her head pounded and her … Continue reading

A Very Special Thanksgiving Dinner

As Pam headed downstairs to the kitchen, she could hear an argument going on. “But Dad, I’m hungry now! Why do I have to wait?” Bill said with an uncustomary whine in his sweet little voice. His dad said firmly, “Bill, you know the rules. We have to save our appetites. Wait for Mom to … Continue reading

Do What I Love, Love What I Do

  First of all, a brief bit about me. I was a legal secretary for over 26 years, which means I was proofreading, editing and composing legal documents and correspondence for a living. I got quite good at it. I even went back to school for my paralegal certificate. I am also a writer. Some … Continue reading