Do What I Love, Love What I Do


First of all, a brief bit about me. I was a legal secretary for over 26 years, which means I was proofreading, editing and composing legal documents and correspondence for a living. I got quite good at it. I even went back to school for my paralegal certificate.

I am also a writer. Some of my short stories were published on a literary website. I’ll share some of them here from time to time. A few of them are flash fiction, and I wrote one erotica.  The erotica is not very graphic at all; I actually wrote it under the direction of my writing coach (who encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone) and when I am uncomfortable I turn to humor.  Thus, I ended up writing one of the funniest eroticas she’s ever seen.  I actually won an award for most hits for that story in a 12 month period on the aforementioned website. I have a supernatural novel in the works, and a zombie story percolating in the back of my head.

I started my own editing business two years ago. I love proofreading and editing, and to get paid for something I love to do seems almost too good to be true.

*  *  *

So you see, I wear a variety of hats. The central theme which links them all together, however, is proofreading and editing. I’d like to break it down a little bit and better describe exactly what I do.


As a proofreader, I check the basics such as spelling, punctuation and basic grammar. I look for inconsistencies in style, tenses, and headings, correct formatting problems and bring factual errors to the attention of the author.

Copy Editing

When I am asked to perform copy editing on a manuscript, I take it a step further. I’ll mark up the manuscript with suggestions to the author to correct poor word choices and awkward sentences. When the wording and dialog become repetitive, or if the pace of the story becomes bogged down, I suggest the removal or rearrangement of entire sentences or paragraphs. It’s surprising how much difference it can make to simply rearrange the order of a few paragraphs. I’ll even rework or rewrite a sentence or paragraph and leave it up to the author if he or she wishes to use my version instead of their own. The objective is to make sure that the story flows along and retains the reader’s interest. If the author wishes, I’ll cross-check references and confirm that the subject material is correct and relevant.

My primary goal is to build working relationships with my authors for many more books and years to come. I invite you to contact me if I can help to make your book the success it deserves to be.

Monique Happy

You can contact me via email at Hope to hear from you!


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